No. Title Author Year
1 On the Size of Good-For-Games Rabin Automata and Its Link with the Memory in Muller Games Casares, Antonio et al. 2022
2 A Bit of Nondeterminism Makes Pushdown Automata Expressive and Succinct Guha, Shibashis et al. 2021
3 History Determinism vs. Good for Gameness in Quantitative Automata Boker, Udi et al. 2021
4 The Best a Monitor Can Do Aceto, Luca et al. 2021
5 On the Succinctness of Alternating Parity Good-For-Games Automata Boker, Udi et al. 2020
6 Alternating Weak Automata from Universal Trees Daviaud, Laure et al. 2019
7 Good for Games Automata: From Nondeterminism to Alternation Boker, Udi et al. 2019
8 On the Way to Alternating Weak Automata Boker, Udi et al. 2018
9 Deciding the First Levels of the Modal mu Alternation Hierarchy by Formula Construction Lehtinen, Karoliina et al. 2015
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