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1 Hardness of Token Swapping on Trees Aichholzer, Oswin et al. 2022
2 Lower Bounds on Retroactive Data Structures Chung, Lily et al. 2022
3 Pushing Blocks via Checkable Gadgets: PSPACE-Completeness of Push-1F and Block/Box Dude Ani, Joshua et al. 2022
4 Characterizing Universal Reconfigurability of Modular Pivoting Robots A. Akitaya, Hugo et al. 2021
5 Dynamic Boolean Formula Evaluation Das, Rathish et al. 2021
6 Arithmetic Expression Construction Alcock, Leo et al. 2020
7 Recursed Is Not Recursive: A Jarring Result Demaine, Erik D. et al. 2020
8 Tatamibari Is NP-Complete Adler, Aviv et al. 2020
9 Toward a General Complexity Theory of Motion Planning: Characterizing Which Gadgets Make Games Hard Demaine, Erik D. et al. 2020
10 Walking Through Doors Is Hard, Even Without Staircases: Proving PSPACE-Hardness via Planar Assemblies of Door Gadgets Ani, Joshua et al. 2020
11 Computational Complexity of Motion Planning of a Robot through Simple Gadgets Demaine, Erik D. et al. 2018
12 Cooperating in Video Games? Impossible! Undecidability of Team Multiplayer Games Coulombe, Michael J. et al. 2018
13 Fine-grained I/O Complexity via Reductions: New Lower Bounds, Faster Algorithms, and a Time Hierarchy Demaine, Erik D. et al. 2018
14 The Computational Complexity of Portal and Other 3D Video Games Demaine, Erik D. et al. 2018
15 Who witnesses The Witness? Finding witnesses in The Witness is hard and sometimes impossible Abel, Zachary et al. 2018
16 Who Needs Crossings? Hardness of Plane Graph Rigidity Abel, Zachary et al. 2016
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