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1 Extending Partial Representations of Circle Graphs in Near-Linear Time Brückner, Guido et al. 2022
2 Partial and Simultaneous Transitive Orientations via Modular Decompositions Münch, Miriam et al. 2022
3 Experimental Comparison of PC-Trees and PQ-Trees Fink, Simon D. et al. 2021
4 Polygon-Universal Graphs Ophelders, Tim et al. 2021
5 Synchronized Planarity with Applications to Constrained Planarity Problems Bläsius, Thomas et al. 2021
6 Untangling Circular Drawings: Algorithms and Complexity Bhore, Sujoy et al. 2021
7 An SPQR-Tree-Like Embedding Representation for Level Planarity Brückner, Guido et al. 2020
8 Efficient Algorithms for Ortho-Radial Graph Drawing Niedermann, Benjamin et al. 2019
9 Geometric Crossing-Minimization - A Scalable Randomized Approach Radermacher, Marcel et al. 2019
10 Simultaneous Representation of Proper and Unit Interval Graphs Rutter, Ignaz et al. 2019
11 Approximation Algorithms for Facial Cycles in Planar Embeddings Da Lozzo, Giordano et al. 2018
12 Towards a Topology-Shape-Metrics Framework for Ortho-Radial Drawings Barth, Lukas et al. 2017
13 Linear-Time Recognition of Map Graphs with Outerplanar Witness Mnich, Matthias et al. 2016
14 Scalable Exact Visualization of Isocontours in Road Networks via Minimum-Link Paths Baum, Moritz et al. 2016
15 Online Dynamic Power Management with Hard Real-Time Guarantees Chen, Jian-Jia et al. 2014
16 On the Complexity of Partitioning Graphs for Arc-Flags Bauer, Reinhard et al. 2012
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