No. Title Author Year
1 Decidability for Sturmian Words Hieronymi, Philipp et al. 2022
2 Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization Schulz, Christian et al. 2022
3 LIPIcs, Volume 233, SEA 2022, Complete Volume Schulz, Christian et al. 2022
4 Recent Advances in Fully Dynamic Graph Algorithms (Invited Talk) Hanauer, Kathrin et al. 2022
5 Deep Multilevel Graph Partitioning Gottesb├╝ren, Lars et al. 2021
6 O'Reach: Even Faster Reachability in Large Graphs Hanauer, Kathrin et al. 2021
7 Dynamic Matching Algorithms in Practice Henzinger, Monika et al. 2020
8 Faster Fully Dynamic Transitive Closure in Practice Hanauer, Kathrin et al. 2020
9 Finding All Global Minimum Cuts in Practice Henzinger, Monika et al. 2020
10 High-Quality Hierarchical Process Mapping Faraj, Marcelo Fonseca et al. 2020
11 ILP-based Local Search for Graph Partitioning Henzinger, Alexandra et al. 2018
12 Memetic Graph Clustering Biedermann, Sonja et al. 2018
13 Better Process Mapping and Sparse Quadratic Assignment Schulz, Christian et al. 2017
14 Graph Partitioning with Acyclicity Constraints Moreira, Orlando et al. 2017
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