No. Title Author Year
1 Lower Bounds on Stabilizer Rank Peleg, Shir et al. 2022
2 Hitting Sets and Reconstruction for Dense Orbits in VP_{e} and ΣΠΣ Circuits Medini, Dori et al. 2021
3 A Generalized Sylvester-Gallai Type Theorem for Quadratic Polynomials Peleg, Shir et al. 2020
4 On Some Recent Advances in Algebraic Complexity (Invited Talk) Shpilka, Amir 2020
5 Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization Shpilka, Amir 2019
6 LIPIcs, Volume 137, CCC'19, Complete Volume Shpilka, Amir 2019
7 Identity Testing and Lower Bounds for Read-k Oblivious Algebraic Branching Programs Anderson, Matthew et al. 2016
8 Proof Complexity Lower Bounds from Algebraic Circuit Complexity Forbes, Michael A. et al. 2016
9 Subexponential Size Hitting Sets for Bounded Depth Multilinear Formulas Oliveira, Rafael et al. 2015
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