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1 Algorithmic Problems on Temporal Graphs (Invited Talk) Spirakis, Paul G. 2022
2 Brief Announcement: New Clocks, Fast Line Formation and Self-Replication Population Protocols Gąsieniec, Leszek et al. 2022
3 The Complexity of Computing Optimum Labelings for Temporal Connectivity Klobas, Nina et al. 2022
4 MAX CUT in Weighted Random Intersection Graphs and Discrepancy of Sparse Random Set Systems Nikoletseas, Sotiris et al. 2021
5 The Complexity of Transitively Orienting Temporal Graphs Mertzios, George B. et al. 2021
6 Crystal Structure Prediction via Oblivious Local Search Antypov, Dmytro et al. 2020
7 Exact and Approximate Algorithms for Computing a Second Hamiltonian Cycle Deligkas, Argyrios et al. 2020
8 Computing Exact Solutions of Consensus Halving and the Borsuk-Ulam Theorem Deligkas, Argyrios et al. 2019
9 How Fast Can We Reach a Target Vertex in Stochastic Temporal Graphs? Akrida, Eleni C. et al. 2019
10 Brief Announcement: Exact Size Counting in Uniform Population Protocols in Nearly Logarithmic Time Doty, David et al. 2018
11 Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization Potapov, Igor et al. 2018
12 LIPIcs, Volume 117, MFCS'18, Complete Volume Potapov, Igor et al. 2018
13 Temporal Vertex Cover with a Sliding Time Window Akrida, Eleni C. et al. 2018
14 The Price of Stability of Weighted Congestion Games Christodoulou, George et al. 2018
15 Binary Search in Graphs Revisited Deligkas, Argyrios et al. 2017
16 Deterministic Population Protocols for Exact Majority and Plurality Gasieniec, Leszek et al. 2017
17 On the Transformation Capability of Feasible Mechanisms for Programmable Matter Michail, Othon et al. 2017
18 Stably Computing Order Statistics with Arithmetic Population Protocols Mertzios, George B. et al. 2016
19 Strategic Contention Resolution with Limited Feedback Christodoulou, George et al. 2016
20 On the Fairness of Probabilistic Schedulers for Population Protocols Chatzigiannakis, Ioannis et al. 2010
21 A Cost Mechanism for Fair Pricing of Resource Usage Mavronicolas, Marios et al. 2006
22 Cost Sharing Mechanisms for Fair Pricing of Resources Usage Mavronicolas, Marios et al. 2006
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