No. Title Author Year
1 Advanced Flow-Based Multilevel Hypergraph Partitioning Gottesbüren, Lars et al. 2020
2 Engineering Exact Quasi-Threshold Editing Gottesbüren, Lars et al. 2020
3 Faster Multi-Modal Route Planning With Bike Sharing Using ULTRA Sauer, Jonas et al. 2020
4 Zipping Segment Trees Barth, Lukas et al. 2020
5 Engineering Negative Cycle Canceling for Wind Farm Cabling Gritzbach, Sascha et al. 2019
6 Evaluation of a Flow-Based Hypergraph Bipartitioning Algorithm Gottesbüren, Lars et al. 2019
7 UnLimited TRAnsfers for Multi-Modal Route Planning: An Efficient Solution Baum, Moritz et al. 2019
8 Parallel and I/O-efficient Randomisation of Massive Networks using Global Curveball Trades Carstens, Corrie Jacobien et al. 2018
9 Real-Time Traffic Assignment Using Fast Queries in Customizable Contraction Hierarchies Buchhold, Valentin et al. 2018
10 Consumption Profiles in Route Planning for Electric Vehicles: Theory and Applications Baum, Moritz et al. 2017
11 Efficient Traffic Assignment for Public Transit Networks Briem, Lars et al. 2017
12 Improved Oracles for Time-Dependent Road Networks Kontogiannis, Spyros et al. 2017
13 Modeling and Engineering Constrained Shortest Path Algorithms for Battery Electric Vehicles Baum, Moritz et al. 2017
14 Public Transit Routing with Unrestricted Walking Wagner, Dorothea et al. 2017
15 Algorithmic Methods for Optimization in Public Transport (Dagstuhl Seminar 16171) Kroon, Leo G. et al. 2016
16 Hierarchical Time-Dependent Oracles Kontogiannis, Spyros et al. 2016
17 Towards Realistic Pedestrian Route Planning Andreev, Simeon et al. 2015
18 Algorithm Engineering (Dagstuhl Seminar 13391) Goldberg, Andrew V. et al. 2014
19 Delay-Robust Journeys in Timetable Networks with Minimum Expected Arrival Time Dibbelt, Julian et al. 2014
20 Online Dynamic Power Management with Hard Real-Time Guarantees Chen, Jian-Jia et al. 2014
21 Speed-Consumption Tradeoff for Electric Vehicle Route Planning Baum, Moritz et al. 2014
22 On the Complexity of Partitioning Graphs for Arc-Flags Bauer, Reinhard et al. 2012
23 Efficient Route Planning in Flight Networks Delling, Daniel et al. 2009
24 08191 Working Group Report -- Visualization of Trajectories Borgatti, Stephen et al. 2008
25 Engineering Time-Expanded Graphs for Faster Timetable Information Delling, Daniel et al. 2008
26 14. Experimental Study on Speed-Up Techniques for Timetable Information Systems Bauer, Reinhard et al. 2007
27 04261 Abstracts Collection -- Algorithmic Methods for Railway Optimization Kroon, Leo G. et al. 2006
28 05361 Abstracts Collection -- Algorithmic Aspects of Large and Complex Networks Leonardi, Stefano et al. 2006
29 06091 Abstracts Collection -- Data Structures Arge, Lars et al. 2006
30 06091 Executive Summary -- Data Structures Arge, Lars et al. 2006
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