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1 A Discrete-Continuous Algorithm for Globally Optimal Free Flight Trajectory Optimization Borndörfer, Ralf et al. 2022
2 An A* Algorithm for Flight Planning Based on Idealized Vertical Profiles Blanco, Marco et al. 2022
3 Connected k-Partition of k-Connected Graphs and c-Claw-Free Graphs Borndörfer, Ralf et al. 2021
4 Efficient Algorithms for the Multi-Period Line Planning Problem in Public Transportation (Short Paper) Şahin, Güvenç et al. 2021
5 A Cut Separation Approach for the Rolling Stock Rotation Problem with Vehicle Maintenance Grimm, Boris et al. 2019
6 A Graph- and Monoid-Based Framework for Price-Sensitive Routing in Local Public Transportation Networks Euler, Ricardo et al. 2019
7 A Simple Way to Compute the Number of Vehicles That Are Required to Operate a Periodic Timetable Borndörfer, Ralf et al. 2018
8 Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization Borndörfer, Ralf et al. 2018
9 OASIcs, Volume 65, ATMOS'18, Complete Volume Borndörfer, Ralf et al. 2018
10 Cost Projection Methods for the Shortest Path Problem with Crossing Costs Blanco, Marco et al. 2017
11 Separation of Cycle Inequalities for the Periodic Timetabling Problem Borndörfer, Ralf et al. 2016
12 Solving Time Dependent Shortest Path Problems on Airway Networks Using Super-Optimal Wind Blanco, Marco et al. 2016
13 Regional Search for the Resource Constrained Assignment Problem Borndörfer, Ralf et al. 2015
14 A Coarse-To-Fine Approach to the Railway Rolling Stock Rotation Problem Borndörfer, Ralf et al. 2014
15 A Configuration Model for the Line Planning Problem Borndörfer, Ralf et al. 2013
16 A Case Study on Optimizing Toll Enforcements on Motorways Borndörfer, Ralf et al. 2012
17 A Direct Connection Approach to Integrated Line Planning and Passenger Routing Borndörfer, Ralf et al. 2012
18 A Hypergraph Model for Railway Vehicle Rotation Planning Borndörfer, Ralf et al. 2011
19 Railway Track Allocation by Rapid Branching Borndörfer, Ralf et al. 2010
20 Line Planning and Connectivity Borndörfer, Ralf et al. 2009
21 Line Planning on Paths and Tree Networks with Applications to the Quito Trolebús System Torres, Luis M. et al. 2008
22 05. Models for Railway Track Allocation Borndörfer, Ralf et al. 2007
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