No. Title Author Year
1 Digital Collection Creator, Visualizer and Explorer Martins, Luís F. et al. 2019
2 Scaling up a Programmers' Profile Tool Aragão, Martinho et al. 2019
3 Urban Evolution of Fafe in the Last Two Centuries Lameiras, João Filipe C. et al. 2019
4 CaVa: Virtual Learning Spaces Formal Specification (Short Paper) Martini, Ricardo Giuliani et al. 2018
5 Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization Henriques, Pedro Rangel et al. 2018
6 OASIcs, Volume 62, SLATE'18, Complete Volume Henriques, Pedro Rangel et al. 2018
7 Predicting Performance Problems Through Emotional Analysis (Short Paper) Martins, Ricardo et al. 2018
8 Applying Attribute Grammars to Teach Linguistic Rules Barros, Patrícia Amorim et al. 2017
9 Socii: A Tool to Analyze and Visualize Dynamic Social Networks Caldas, Jorge Daniel et al. 2017
10 Visualization of Ontology Evolution using OntoDiffGraph Lara, André et al. 2017
11 Comment-based Concept Location over System Dependency Graphs Pereira, Nuno et al. 2014
12 Conclave: Writing Programs to Understand Programs Carvalho, Nuno Ramos et al. 2014
13 Converting Ontologies into DSLs Fonseca, João M. Sousa et al. 2014
14 Plagiarism Detection: A Tool Survey and Comparison Martins, Vítor T. et al. 2014
15 Unfuzzying Fuzzy Parsing Carvalho, Pedro et al. 2014
16 A Flexible Dynamic System for Automatic Grading of Programming Exercises Fonte, Daniela et al. 2013
17 Choosing Grammars to Support Language Processing Courses Pereira, Maria João Varanda et al. 2013
18 NESSy: a New Evaluator for Software Development Tools Miranda, Enrique et al. 2013
19 Automatic Test Generation for Space Costa, Ulisses Araújo et al. 2012
20 Learning Spaces for Knowledge Generation Oliveira, Nuno et al. 2012
21 PH-Helper - a Syntax-Directed Editor for Hoshimi Programming Language, HL Luzza, Mariano et al. 2012
22 Probabilistic SynSet Based Concept Location Carvalho, Nuno Ramos et al. 2012
23 Problem Domain Oriented Approach for Program Comprehension Varanda Pereira, Maria João et al. 2012
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