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1 Byzantine Agreement and SMR with Sub-Quadratic Message Complexity (Invited Talk) Keidar, Idit 2021
2 Expected Linear Round Synchronization: The Missing Link for Linear Byzantine SMR Naor, Oded et al. 2020
3 FairLedger: A Fair Blockchain Protocol for Financial Institutions Lev-Ari, Kfir et al. 2020
4 Intermediate Value Linearizability: A Quantitative Correctness Criterion Rinberg, Arik et al. 2020
5 Not a COINcidence: Sub-Quadratic Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement WHP Cohen, Shir et al. 2020
6 Integrated Bounds for Disintegrated Storage Berger, Alon et al. 2018
7 Brief Announcement: Towards Reduced Instruction Sets for Synchronization Gelashvili, Rati et al. 2017
8 Dynamic Atomic Snapshots Spiegelman, Alexander et al. 2017
9 Dynamic Reconfiguration: Abstraction and Optimal Asynchronous Solution Spiegelman, Alexander et al. 2017
10 Dynamic Reconfiguration: A Tutorial (Tutorial) Spiegelman, Alexander et al. 2016
11 Space Bounds for Reliable Storage: Fundamental Limits of Coding (Keynote) Spiegelman, Alexander et al. 2016
12 Denial of Service Protection with Beaver Badishi, Gal et al. 2007
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