No. Title Author Year
1 Analysis of Smooth Heaps and Slim Heaps Hartmann, Maria et al. 2021
2 Exact Exponential Algorithms for Two Poset Problems Kozma, László 2020
3 Finding and Counting Permutations via CSPs Berendsohn, Benjamin Aram et al. 2019
4 Improved Bounds for Multipass Pairing Heaps and Path-Balanced Binary Search Trees Dorfman, Dani et al. 2018
5 Multi-Finger Binary Search Trees Chalermsook, Parinya et al. 2018
6 Pairing heaps: the forward variant Dorfman, Dani et al. 2018
7 Selection from Heaps, Row-Sorted Matrices, and X+Y Using Soft Heaps Kaplan, Haim et al. 2018
8 Hitting Set for Hypergraphs of Low VC-dimension Bringmann, Karl et al. 2016
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