No. Title Author Year
1 Beating Matrix Multiplication for n^{1/3}-Directed Shortcuts Kogan, Shimon et al. 2022
2 Broadcast CONGEST Algorithms against Adversarial Edges Hitron, Yael et al. 2021
3 General CONGEST Compilers against Adversarial Edges Hitron, Yael et al. 2021
4 Distributed Constructions of Dual-Failure Fault-Tolerant Distance Preservers Parter, Merav 2020
5 Distributed Planar Reachability in Nearly Optimal Time Parter, Merav 2020
6 New Fault Tolerant Subset Preservers Bodwin, Greg et al. 2020
7 On Packing Low-Diameter Spanning Trees Chuzhoy, Julia et al. 2020
8 Random Sketching, Clustering, and Short-Term Memory in Spiking Neural Networks Hitron, Yael et al. 2020
9 Spiking Neural Networks Through the Lens of Streaming Algorithms Hitron, Yael et al. 2020
10 The Computational Cost of Asynchronous Neural Communication Hitron, Yael et al. 2020
11 Counting to Ten with Two Fingers: Compressed Counting with Spiking Neurons Hitron, Yael et al. 2019
12 Optimal Short Cycle Decomposition in Almost Linear Time Parter, Merav et al. 2019
13 Small Cuts and Connectivity Certificates: A Fault Tolerant Approach Parter, Merav 2019
14 (Delta+1) Coloring in the Congested Clique Model Parter, Merav 2018
15 Congested Clique Algorithms for Graph Spanners Parter, Merav et al. 2018
16 Efficient Oracles and Routing Schemes for Replacement Paths Bilò, Davide et al. 2018
17 Local Computation Algorithms for Spanners Parter, Merav et al. 2018
18 Randomized (Delta+1)-Coloring in O(log* Delta) Congested Clique Rounds Parter, Merav et al. 2018
19 Computational Tradeoffs in Biological Neural Networks: Self-Stabilizing Winner-Take-All Networks Lynch, Nancy et al. 2017
20 Derandomizing Local Distributed Algorithms under Bandwidth Restrictions Censor-Hillel, Keren et al. 2017
21 Improved Deterministic Distributed Construction of Spanners Grossman, Ofer et al. 2017
22 Near-Optimal Distributed DFS in Planar Graphs Ghaffari, Mohsen et al. 2017
23 Neuro-RAM Unit with Applications to Similarity Testing and Compression in Spiking Neural Networks Lynch, Nancy et al. 2017
24 Preserving Distances in Very Faulty Graphs Bodwin, Greg et al. 2017
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