No. Title Author Year
1 Decomposing the Univalence Axiom Orton, Ian et al. 2018
2 Internal Universes in Models of Homotopy Type Theory Licata, Daniel R. et al. 2018
3 Models of Type Theory Based on Moore Paths Orton, Ian et al. 2017
4 Axioms for Modelling Cubical Type Theory in a Topos Orton, Ian et al. 2016
5 Nominal Presentation of Cubical Sets Models of Type Theory Pitts, Andrew M. 2015
6 Nominal Computation Theory (Dagstuhl Seminar 13422) Bojanczyk, Mikolaj et al. 2014
7 Relating Two Semantics of Locally Scoped Names Lösch, Steffen et al. 2011
8 Step-Indexed Biorthogonality: a Tutorial Example Pitts, Andrew M. 2010
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