No. Title Author Year
1 A Generalized Matching Reconfiguration Problem Solomon, Noam et al. 2021
2 Light Euclidean Spanners with Steiner Points Le, Hung et al. 2020
3 When Algorithms for Maximal Independent Set and Maximal Matching Run in Sublinear Time Assadi, Sepehr et al. 2019
4 Fully Dynamic Almost-Maximal Matching: Breaking the Polynomial Worst-Case Time Barrier Charikar, Moses et al. 2018
5 Fully Dynamic MIS in Uniformly Sparse Graphs Onak, Krzysztof et al. 2018
6 Improved Dynamic Graph Coloring Solomon, Shay et al. 2018
7 Local Algorithms for Bounded Degree Sparsifiers in Sparse Graphs Solomon, Shay 2018
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