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1 Constant-Factor Approximation to Deadline TSP and Related Problems in (Almost) Quasi-Polytime Friggstad, Zachary et al. 2021
2 Minimum-Norm Load Balancing Is (Almost) as Easy as Minimizing Makespan Ibrahimpur, Sharat et al. 2021
3 A Constant-Factor Approximation for Directed Latency in Quasi-Polynomial Time Friggstad, Zachary et al. 2020
4 Simpler and Better Algorithms for Minimum-Norm Load Balancing Chakrabarty, Deeparnab et al. 2019
5 Algorithms for Inverse Optimization Problems Ahmadian, Sara et al. 2018
6 Interpolating between k-Median and k-Center: Approximation Algorithms for Ordered k-Median Chakrabarty, Deeparnab et al. 2018
7 Improved Algorithms for MST and Metric-TSP Interdiction Linhares, André et al. 2017
8 On the Integrality Gap of the Prize-Collecting Steiner Forest LP Könemann, Jochen et al. 2017
9 Approximation Algorithms for Clustering Problems with Lower Bounds and Outliers Ahmadian, Sara et al. 2016
10 Approximation Algorithms for Minimum-Load k-Facility Location Ahmadian, Sara et al. 2014
11 Improved Approximation Algorithms for Matroid and Knapsack Median Problems and Applications Swamy, Chaitanya 2014
12 Sampling-based Approximation Algorithms for Multi-stage Stochastic Optimization Swamy, Chaitanya et al. 2007
13 Approximation Algorithms for 2-stage and Multi-stage Stochastic Optimization Swamy, Chaitanya et al. 2005
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