No. Title Author Year
1 Making Rigorous Linear Programming Practical for Program Analysis Wang, Tengbin et al. 2021
2 A Unified Framework of FPT Approximation Algorithms for Clustering Problems Feng, Qilong et al. 2020
3 How Do People Describe Locations During a Natural Disaster: An Analysis of Tweets from Hurricane Harvey Hu, Yingjie et al. 2020
4 On the Degree of Boolean Functions as Polynomials over ℤ_m Sun, Xiaoming et al. 2020
5 Graph Searches and Their End Vertices Cao, Yixin et al. 2019
6 Improved Algorithms for Clustering with Outliers Feng, Qilong et al. 2019
7 Index-Based, High-Dimensional, Cosine Threshold Querying with Optimality Guarantees Li, Yuliang et al. 2019
8 Small Candidate Set for Translational Pattern Search Huang, Ziyun et al. 2019
9 Graph Reconstruction by Discrete Morse Theory Dey, Tamal K. et al. 2018
10 New Algorithms for Edge Induced König-Egerváry Subgraph Based on Gallai-Edmonds Decomposition Feng, Qilong et al. 2018
11 An Improved FPT Algorithm for the Flip Distance Problem Li, Shaohua et al. 2017
12 Declutter and Resample: Towards Parameter Free Denoising Buchet, Mickael et al. 2017
13 Compact Visibility Representation of Plane Graphs Wang, Jiun-Jie et al. 2011
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