No. Title Author Year
1 Implementing Unitary 2-Designs Using Random Diagonal-unitary Matrices Nakata, Yoshifumi et al. 2015
2 Quantum Enhancement of Randomness Distribution Garcia-Patron, Raul et al. 2015
3 Bounds on Entanglement Assisted Source-channel Coding Via the Lovász Theta Number and Its Variants Cubitt, Toby et al. 2014
4 Quantum Learning of Classical Stochastic Processes: The Completely-Positive Realization Problem Monras, Alex et al. 2014
5 Strong Converse for the Quantum Capacity of the Erasure Channel for Almost All Codes Wilde, Mark M. et al. 2014
6 The Quantum Entropy Cone of Stabiliser States Linden, Noah et al. 2013
7 05161 Executive Summary -- Transformation Techniques in Software Engineering Cordy, James R. et al. 2006
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