No. Title Author Year
1 04101 Abstracts Collection -- Language Engineering for Model-Driven Software Development Bézivin, Jean et al. 2005
2 04101 Discussion -- A Taxonomy of Model Transformations Mens, Tom et al. 2005
3 04101 Summary -- Language Engineering for Model-driven Software Development Bézivin, Jean et al. 2005
4 A MDA Approach to Model & Implement Transformations Jezequel, Jean-Marc 2005
5 An Example for Metamodeling Syntax and Semantics of Two Languages, their Transformation, and a Correctness Criterion Gogolla, Martin 2005
6 Application of Graph Transformation for Automating Web Service Discovery Heckel, Reiko et al. 2005
7 Foundations of Meta-Pyramids: Languages vs. Metamodels -- Episode II: Story of Thotus the Baboon1 Favre, Jean-Marie 2005
8 Foundations of Model (Driven) (Reverse) Engineering : Models -- Episode I: Stories of The Fidus Papyrus and of The Solarus Favre, Jean-Marie 2005
9 Graph Transformation Based Models of Dynamic Software Architectures and Architectural Styles Thöne, Sebastian 2005
10 Graph Transformation in a Nutshell Heckel, Reiko 2005
11 Language Engineering in Practice Große-Rhode, Martin 2005
12 Multi-Domain Integration with MOF and extended Triple Graph Grammars Königs, Alexander et al. 2005
13 Refinement and Consistency in Multiview Models Wehrheim, Heike 2005
14 Subjects, Models, Languages, Transformations Rensink, Arend 2005
15 What is a Model? Kühne, Thomas 2005
16 Write Once, Deploy N: a Performance Oriented MDA Case Study Gorp, Pieter Van 2005
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