No. Title Author Year
1 04391 Abstracts Collection -- Semantic Interoperability and Integration Kalfoglou, Yannis et al. 2005
2 04391 Executive Summary -- Semantic Interoperability and Integration Kalfoglou, Yannis et al. 2005
3 Architectures for Semantic Integration Uschold, Michael et al. 2005
4 Basic Semantic Integration Menzel, Chris 2005
5 Evaluating ontology alignment methods Euzenat, Jerome 2005
6 From Semantic Search & Integration to Analytics Sheth, Amit 2005
7 Heterogeneous Theories and the Heterogeneous Tool Set Mossakowski, Till 2005
8 Infrastructure for Semantic Interoperability and Integration: Breakout Discussion Summary Burstein, Mark et al. 2005
9 Integrating XML Data Sources using RDF/S Schemas: The ICS-FORTH Semantic Web Integration Middleware (SWIM) Koffina, Ioanna et al. 2005
10 Interesting Problems in Semantic Integration and Interoperability Vassalos, Vasilis 2005
11 Model-theoretic Approaches to Semantic Integration (Extended Abstract) GrĂ¼ninger, Michael 2005
12 On the Mathematical Foundations of Semantic Interoperability and Integration Schorlemmer, Marco 2005
13 Ontology Alignment: An annotated Bibliography Noy, Natasha et al. 2005
14 Ontology Mapping: The State of the Art Kalfoglou, Yannis et al. 2005
15 Ontology Merging with Formal Concept Analysis Stumme, Gerd 2005
16 Querying Semantic Web Resources Using TRIPLE Views Miklos, Zoltan et al. 2005
17 Representation of Semantic Mappings Stuckenschmidt, Heiner et al. 2005
18 S-Match: an algorithm and an implementation of semantic matching Giunchiglia, Fausto et al. 2005
19 Semantic Integration in the Information Flow Framework Kent, Robert E. 2005
20 Semantic-Web Technology: Applications at NASA Ashish, Naveen 2005
21 Summary of the Results of the Break-out Session "Social Issues around the Semantic Web" Aberer, Karl et al. 2005
22 The CIDOC CRM, an Ontological Approach to Schema Heterogeneity Doerr, Martin 2005
23 Three Perspectives on Information Integration Goguen, Joseph 2005
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