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1 05031 Abstracts Collection -- Algorithms for Optimization with Incomplete Information Albers, Susanne et al. 2005
2 05031 Summary -- Algorithms for Optimization with Incomplete Information Albers, Susanne et al. 2005
3 An adaptive trust-region approach for nonlinear stochastic optimisation with an application in discrete choice theory Bastin, Fabian 2005
4 An improved algorithm for CIOQ switches Azar, Yossi et al. 2005
5 Approximation Algorithms for 2-stage and Multi-stage Stochastic Optimization Swamy, Chaitanya et al. 2005
6 Assessing Solution Quality in Stochastic Programs Morton, David P. et al. 2005
7 Average Case and Smoothed Competitive Analysis of the Multi-Level Feedback Algorithm Becchetti, Luca et al. 2005
8 Average-Case Competitive Analyses for Ski-Rental Problems Fujiwara, Hiroshi et al. 2005
9 Deferment Control for Reoptimization -- How to Find Fair Reoptimized Dispatches Rambau, Jörg 2005
10 Disruption Management and Planning with Uncertainties in Aircraft Planning Ehrhoff, Jan et al. 2005
11 Facility location with uncertain demand and economies of scale Schütz, Peter et al. 2005
12 Getting rid of stochasticity: applicable sometimes Hoogeveen, Han et al. 2005
13 Marginal productivity index policies for scheduling restless bandits with switching penalties Niño-Mora, José 2005
14 Minorant methods for stochastic global optimization Norkin, Vladimir et al. 2005
15 Models and Algorithms for Stochastic Online Scheduling Megow, Nicole et al. 2005
16 Modification of Recourse Data for Mixed-Integer Recourse Models Vlerk, Maarten H. van der 2005
17 Network Discovery and Verification Beerliova, Zuzana et al. 2005
18 New Old Algorithms for Stochastic Scheduling Schulz, Andreas S. 2005
19 Note on Negative Probabilities and Observable Processes Faigle, Ulrich et al. 2005
20 Online Scheduling Sgall, Jiri 2005
21 Online scheduling of splittable tasks Epstein, Leah et al. 2005
22 Online Scheduling with Bounded Migration Sanders, Peter et al. 2005
23 Polyhedral Risk Measures and Lagrangian Relaxation in Electricity Portfolio Optimization Eichhorn, Andreas et al. 2005
24 Properties and Calculation of Singular Normal Distributions Henrion, René et al. 2005
25 Rowing to Barbados Philpott, Andy et al. 2005
26 Scenario Optimization for Multi-Stage Stochastic Programming Problems Hochreiter, Ronald 2005
27 Searching with an Autonomous Robot Fekete, Sándor et al. 2005
28 Subtree decomposition for multistage stochastic programs Dye, Shane 2005
29 Topology Matters: Smoothed Competitiveness of Metrical Task Systems Schäfer, Guido et al. 2005
30 Tracking mobile users Epstein, Leah et al. 2005
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