No. Title Author Year
1 04411 Abtracts Collection -- Service Management and Self-Organization in IP-based Networks Bossardt, Matthias et al. 2005
2 04411 Preface -- Service Management and Self-Organization in IP-based Networks Bossardt, Matthias et al. 2005
3 A dynamically adaptive, unstructured multicast overlay Ripeanu, Matei et al. 2005
4 A flexible router platform for next generation network services Ruf, Lukas et al. 2005
5 Bio-inspired mechanisms for efficient and adaptive network security mechanisms Dressler, Falko 2005
6 Bridging today's Internet Heterogeneity with a Content-oriented Approach Wehrle, Klaus 2005
7 Charging Service Compositions in a Service-Oriented Peer-to-Peer Network Gerke, Jan 2005
8 Composite Protocols and Networking Services Minden, Gary 2005
9 DotSlash - Creating Content Distribution Networks on Demand Zhao, Weibin et al. 2005
10 Enriched Classification and Dynamic Tunneling as Elementary Internet Mechanisms Hjalmtysson, Gisli et al. 2005
11 Epidemic Dissemination in Ad Hoc Networks Yamamoto, Lidia 2005
12 From Active Networks to Cognitive Networks Sifalakis, Manolis et al. 2005
13 Gossip-based self-managing services for large scale dynamic networks Babaoglu, Ozalp et al. 2005
14 Peer-to-Peer vs. the Internet: A Discussion on the Proper and Practical Location of Functionality Sterbenz, James P.G. 2005
15 Project Venezia-Gondola (A Framework for P-Commerce) Gao, Raymond 2005
16 Self-Healing Protocol Implementations Tschudin, Christian et al. 2005
17 Self-Organization in Peer-to-Peer Systems Meer, Hermann de 2005
18 Service Provisioning Framework for Self-Organized Networks Farkas, Karoly et al. 2005
19 Service Specific Overlay Networks Setup and Maintenance using Pattern-based Management Asmare, Eskindir et al. 2005
20 Simulative Performance Evaluation of a Mobile Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing System Tutschku, Kurt et al. 2005
21 Some lessons from an experience with active video flow regulation Chen, Ken et al. 2005
22 Toward a More General Network Layer Calvert, Ken et al. 2005
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