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1 04401 Abstracts Collection -- Algorithms and Complexity for Continuous Müller-Gronbach, Thomas et al. 2005
2 04401 Summary -- Algorithms and Complexity for Continuous Problems Müller-Gronbach, Thomas et al. 2005
3 Fast Component-By-Component Construction of Rank-1 Lattice Rules for (Non-)Primes (Part II) Nuyens, Dirk et al. 2005
4 Functional Quantization and Entropy for Stochastic Processes Luschgy, Harald et al. 2005
5 Information-Based Nonlinear Approximation: An Average Case Setting Plaskota, Leszek 2005
6 Lower Bounds and Non-Uniform Time Discretization for Approximation of Stochastic Heat Equations Ritter, Klaus et al. 2005
7 Monte Carlo solution for the Poisson equation on the base of spherical processes with shifted centres Golyandina, Nina 2005
8 Numerical Approximation of Parabolic Stochastic Partial Differential Equations Hausenblas, Erika 2005
9 On the Complexity of Computing Multi-Homogeneous Bézout Numbers Meer, Klaus et al. 2005
10 On the Complexity of Parabolic Initial Value Problems with Variable Drift Petras, Knut et al. 2005
11 Optimal algorithms for global optimization in case of unknown Lipschitz constant Horn, Matthias U. 2005
12 Optimal Approximation of Elliptic Problems by Linear and Nonlinear Mappings Novak, Erich et al. 2005
13 Optimal Approximation of Elliptic Problems II: Wavelet Methods Dahlke, Stephan et al. 2005
14 Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Multivariate Linear Problems with Finite-Order Weights; Worst Case Setting Wasilkowski, Gregorz W. et al. 2005
15 Quantization of self-similar Probabilities Graf, Siegfried et al. 2005
16 Upper Error Bounds for Approximations of Stochastic Differential Equations with Markovian Switching Hofmann, Norbert 2005
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