No. Title Author Year
1 05011 Abstracts Collection -- Computing and Markets Lehmann, Daniel et al. 2005
2 05011 Executive Summary -- Computing and Markets Lehmann, Daniel et al. 2005
3 A Contract and Balancing Mechanism for Sharing Capacity in a Communication Network Anderson, Edward et al. 2005
4 A Network Approach to Bayes-Nash Incentive Compatible Mechanisms Müller, Rudolf et al. 2005
5 Automated Mechanism Design Sandholm, Tuomas 2005
6 Computing Nash Equilibria of Action-Graph Games Leyton-Brown, Kevin et al. 2005
7 Congestion games with failures Penn, Michal et al. 2005
8 Dominant Strategy Mechanisms with Multidimensional Types Hongwei Gui et al. 2005
9 Fair Payments for Efficient Allocations in Public Sector Combinatorial Auctions Day, Robert et al. 2005
10 Fundamentals in Discrete Convex Analysis Murota, Kazuo 2005
11 Local-Effect Games Leyton-Brown, Kevin et al. 2005
12 Overcoming Free Riding in Multi-Party Computations Smordinsky, Rann et al. 2005
13 Reference-Dependent Preferences in Multi-Issue Bargaining Gimpel, Henner 2005
14 Self-Confirming Price Prediction for Bidding in Simultaneous Ascending Auctions Osepayshvili, Anna et al. 2005
15 Selfish Routing of Splittable Flow with Respect to Maximum Congestion Feldmann, Rainer 2005
16 Sequences of Take-It-or-Leave-It Offers: Near-Optimal Auctions Without Full Valuation Revelation Sandholm, Tuomas et al. 2005
17 Spiteful Bidding in Sealed-Bid Auctions Brandt, Felix et al. 2005
18 The PageRank Axioms Altman, Alon 2005
19 The Price of Anarchy for Polynomial Social Cost Gairing, Martin et al. 2005
20 The Value of Correlation in Strategic Form Games Ashlagi, Itai et al. 2005
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