No. Title Author Year
1 05021 Abstracts Collection -- Mathematics, Algorithms, Proofs Coquand, Thierry et al. 2006
2 05021 Executive Summary -- Mathematics, Algorithms, Proofs Coquand, Thierry 2006
3 A dynamical solution of Kronecker's problem Yengui, Ihsen 2006
4 A Nilregular Element Property Coquand, Thierry et al. 2006
5 Abel and the Concept of the Genus of a Curve Edwards, Harold M. 2006
6 Approximate fixed points of nonexpansive functions in product spaces Kohlenbach, Ulrich et al. 2006
7 Certified mathematical hierarchies: the FoCal system Prevosto, Virgile 2006
8 Coequalisers of formal topology Palmgren, Erik 2006
9 Constructive algebraic integration theory without choice Spitters, Bas 2006
10 Constructive Proofs or Constructive Statements? Rubio Garcia, Julio 2006
11 Diagrammatic logic and exceptions:an introduction Duval, Dominique et al. 2006
12 Enabling conditions for interpolated rings Richman, Fred 2006
13 Generalized metatheorems on the extractability of uniform bounds in functional analysis Gerhardy, Philipp et al. 2006
14 Henselian Local Rings: Around a Work in Progress Perdry, Hervé et al. 2006
15 Introduction to My Book "Essays in Constructive Mathematics" Edwards, Harold M. 2006
16 Introduction to the Flyspeck Project Hales, Thomas C. 2006
17 Programming and certifying a CAD algorithm in the Coq system Mahboubi, Assia 2006
18 Proving Bounds for Real Linear Programs in Isabelle/HOL Obua, Steven 2006
19 Some Notes On ``When is 0.999... equal to 1? Schneider, Carsten 2006
20 Subdiscriminant of symmetric matrices are sums of squares Roy, Marie-Françoise 2006
21 Towards a Verified Enumeration of All Tame Plane Graphs Nipkow, Tobias et al. 2006
22 Towards Diagrammatic Specifications of Symbolic Computation Systems Dominguez, César et al. 2006
23 Unifying Functional Interpretations Oliva, Paulo 2006
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