No. Title Author Year
1 10071 Abstracts Collection -- Scheduling Albers, Susanne et al. 2010
2 10071 Executive Summary -- Scheduling Albers, Susanne et al. 2010
3 10071 Open Problems -- Scheduling   2010
4 A Stochastic Framework for Multiprocessor Soft Real-Time Scheduling Anderson, James et al. 2010
5 Energy Efficient Scheduling via Partial Shutdown Khuller, Samir et al. 2010
6 Every Deterministic Nonclairvoyant Scheduler has a Suboptimal Load Threshold Edmonds, Jeff 2010
7 Optimal Mechanisms for Scheduling Heydenreich, Birgit et al. 2010
8 Polynomial Time Algorithms for Minimum Energy Scheduling Chrobak, Marek et al. 2010
9 Power-Aware Real-Time Scheduling: Models, Open Problems, and Practical Considerations Fisher, Nathan 2010
10 Recent Hardness Results for Periodic Uni-processor Scheduling Eisenbrand, Friedrich et al. 2010
11 Resource Sharing in Global Fixed-Priority Preemptive Multiprocessor Scheduling Easwaran, Arvind et al. 2010
12 Scalably Scheduling Processes with Arbitrary Speedup Curves Edmonds, Jeff et al. 2010
13 Scheduling periodic tasks in a hard real-time environment Eisenbrand, Friedrich et al. 2010
14 The Parallel Supply Function Abstraction for a Virtual Multiprocessor Bini, Enrico et al. 2010
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