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1 10081 Abstracts Collection -- Cognitive Robotics Lakemeyer, Gerhard et al. 2010
2 A Constraint-Based Approach for Plan Management in Intelligent Environments Pecora, Federico et al. 2010
3 Attending to Motion: an object-based approach Belardinelli, Anna 2010
4 Attentive Monitoring and Adaptive Control in Cognitive Robotics Burattini, E. et al. 2010
5 Cognitive Robotics Levesque, Hector J. et al. 2010
6 Combining Planning and Motion Planning Choi, Jaesik et al. 2010
7 Coming up With Good Excuses: What to do When no Plan Can be Found Göbeldecker, Moritz et al. 2010
8 Exploiting Spatial and Temporal Flexibility for Exploiting Spatial and Temporal Flexibility for Plan Execution of Hybrid, Under-actuated Systems Hofmann, Andreas G. et al. 2010
9 golog.lua: Towards a Non-Prolog Implementation of Golog for Embedded Systems Ferrein, Alexander 2010
10 Improving the Performance of Complex Agent Plans Through Reinforcement Learning Leonetti, Matteo et al. 2010
11 Modeling the Observed Behavior of a Robot through Machine Learning Ghallab, Malik 2010
12 On First-Order Definability and Computability of Progression for Local-Effect Actions and Beyond Liu, Yongmei et al. 2010
13 Research with Collaborative Unmanned Aircraft Systems Doherty, Patrick et al. 2010
14 Robot Learning Constrained by Planning and Reasoning Sammut, Claude et al. 2010
15 Self-Maintenance for Autonomous Robots in the Situation Calculus Schiffer, Stefan et al. 2010
16 Stream-Based Reasoning in DyKnow Heintz, Fredrik et al. 2010
17 The GLAIR Cognitive Architecture Shapiro, Stuart C. et al. 2010
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