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1 10231 Abstracts Collection -- Structure Discovery in Biology: Motifs, Networks & Phylogenies Apostolico, Alberto et al. 2010
2 A New Linear Time Algorithm to Compute the Genomic Distance Via the Double Cut and Join Distance Bergeron, Anne et al. 2010
3 A New Tree Distance Metric for Structural Comparison of Sequences Gallé, Matthias 2010
4 Efficient computation of statistics for words with mismatches Pizzi, Cinzia 2010
5 Estimation of alternative splicing isoform frequencies from RNA-Seq data Nicolae, Marius et al. 2010
6 Functional Information, Biomolecular Messages and Complexity of BioSequences and Structures Giancarlo, Raffaele et al. 2010
7 Remote Homology Detection of Protein Sequences Comin, Matteo et al. 2010
8 The Ideal Storage Cellular Automaton Model Dress, Andreas et al. 2010
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