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Stromquist, Walter

A Pie That Can't Be Cut Fairly (revised for DSP)

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David Gale asked (Math. Intel. 1993) whether, when a pie is to be divided among n claimants, it is always possible to find a division that is both envy free and undominated. The pie is cut along n radii and the claimants' preferences are described by separate measures.

We answer Gale's question in the negative for n=3 by exhibiting three measures on a pie such that, when players have these measures, no division of the pie can be both envy free and undominated. The measures assign positive values to pieces with positive area.

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Keywords: Cake cutting, pie cutting, envy free
Collection: 07261 - Fair Division
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 26.11.2007

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