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Basu, Ananda ; Bozga, Marius ; Sifakis, Joseph

Modeling Heterogeneous Real-time Components in BIP

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We present a methodology for modeling heterogeneous real-time components.
Components are obtained as the superposition of three layers :
Behavior, specified as a set of transitions; Interactions between transitions
of the behavior; Priorities, used to choose amongst possible interactions.
A parameterized binary composition operator is used to compose components layer by layer.

We present the BIP language for the description and composition of layered components as well
as associated tools for executing and analyzing components on a dedicated platform. The language
provides a powerful mechanism for structuring interactions involving rendezvous and broadcast.
We show that synchronous and timed systems are particular classes of components. Finally, we
provide examples showing the utility of the BIP framework in heterogeneous component

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Keywords: Component based construction, Heterogeneous systems, Modeling and simulation, Code generation
Collection: 08331 - Perspectives Workshop: Model Engineering of Complex Systems (MECS)
Issue Date: 2008
Date of publication: 17.10.2008

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