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Benz, Dominik ; Grobelnik, Marko ; Hotho, Andreas ; Jäschke, Robert ; Mladenic, Dunja ; Servedio, Vito D. P. ; Sizov, Sergej ; Szomszor, Martin

08391 Working Group Summary -- Analyzing Tag Semantics Across Tagging Systems

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The objective of our group was to exploit state-of-the-art Information
Retrieval methods for finding associations and dependencies between
tags, capturing and representing differences in tagging behavior and
vocabulary of various folksonomies, with the overall aim to better
understand the semantics of tags and the tagging process. Therefore
we analyze the semantic content of tags in the Flickr and Delicious
folksonomies. We find that:
tag context similarity leads to meaningful results in Flickr, despite
its narrow folksonomy character; the comparison of tags across Flickr
and Delicious shows little semantic overlap, being tags in Flickr
associated more to visual aspects rather than technological as it
seems to be in Delicious; there are regions in the tag-tag space,
provided with the cosine similarity metric, that are characterized by
high density; the order of tags inside a post has a semantic relevance.

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Keywords: Social Web Communities, Folksonomy, Tag, Semantics
Collection: 08391 - Social Web Communities
Issue Date: 2008
Date of publication: 22.12.2008

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