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Batagelj, Vladimir ; Hoser, Bettina ; Müller, Claudia ; Staab, Steffen ; Stumme, Gerd

08391 Group Summary -- The Evolution and Dynamics of Research Networks

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Existing collaboration and innovation in scientific communities can be enhanced by understanding the underlying patterns und hidden relations. Social network analysis is an appropriate method to reveal such patterns. Nevertheless, research in this area is mainly focused on social networks. One promising approach is to use homophily networks as well. Furthermore, extending the static to a dynamic network model enables to understand existing interdependencies in these networks. A mathematical description of possible analyses is given. Finally, resulting research questions are illustrated and the necessity of an interdisciplinary research approach is pointed out.

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Keywords: Homophily networks, social networks, evolution, scientific community
Collection: 08391 - Social Web Communities
Issue Date: 2008
Date of publication: 22.12.2008

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