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Ottens, Brammert

ASODPOP: Making Open DPOP Asynchronous

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In this paper we show how ODPOP can be adapted to an asynchronous
environment where agents might have to decide their values before the algorithm
has ended, giving us Asynchronous ODPOP (ASODPOP). We have compared
the algorithm with both ADOPT and distributed local search (DSA). Compared
to ADOPT we show that our approach sends fewer messages, converges to a
reasonable solution faster, and uses an equal amount of NCCCs. We also show
that this convergence is much faster than local search, whilst the solution that
local search converges to is far from optimal.

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Keywords: DCOP, Logistics, Planning, Coordination
Collection: 08461 - Planning in Multiagent Systems
Issue Date: 2009
Date of publication: 05.02.2009

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