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Hansen, Sean ; Lyytinen, Kalle

Distributed Cognition in the Management of Design Requirements

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In this position statement, we outline a new theoretical framework of the distribution of design requirements processes. Building upon the Theory of Distributed Cognition, we characterize contemporary requirements efforts as distributed cognitive systems in which elements of a design vision are distributed socially, structurally, and temporally. We discuss the various forms of distribution observed in real-world systems development projects and the processes by which representational states are propagated through the system. We conclude with a brief discussion of the implications of the framework for requirements research and practice.

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Keywords: Distributed cognition, distributed requirements, COTS software, IT architecture
Collection: 08412 - Perspectives Workshop: Science of Design : High-Impact Requirements for Software-Intensive Systems
Issue Date: 2009
Date of publication: 28.04.2009

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