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Breitling, Rainer ; Gilbert, David Roger ; Heiner, Monika ; Priami, Corrado

09091 Executive Summary -- Formal Methods in Molecular Biology

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Formal logical models play an increasing role in the newly emerging field of Systems Biology. Compared to the classical, well-established approach of modeling biological processes using continuous and stochastic differential equations, formal logical models offer a number of important advantages.
Many different formal modeling paradigms have been applied to molecular
biology, each with its own community, formalisms and tools. In this seminar
we brought together modelers from various backgrounds to stimulate closer interaction within the field and to create a common platform for discussion.
A central feature of the seminar was a modeling
competition (with a highly collaborative flavor) of various modeling paradigms.

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Keywords: Formal models, systems biology, biological processes.
Collection: 09091 - Formal Methods in Molecular Biology
Issue Date: 2009
Date of publication: 05.05.2009

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