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Thiele, Lothar ; Wilhelm, Reinhard

Design for Time-Predictability

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A large part of safety-critical embedded systems has to satisfy hard real-time
constraints. These need sound methods and tools to derive reliable run-time guarantees.
The guaranteed run times should not only be reliable, but also precise.
The achievable precision highly depends on characteristics of the target architecture
and the implementation methods and system layers of the software. Trends in
hardware and software design run contrary to predictability. This article describes
threats to time-predictability of systems and proposes design principles that support
time predictability. The ultimate goal is to design performant systems with
sharp upper and lower bounds on execution times.

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Keywords: real-time systems , guarantees , predictability , embedded systems , performance
Collection: 03471 - Design of Systems with Predictable Behaviour
Follow-Up Publication: Design for timing predictability : article; eds.: Thiele, Lothar; Wilhelm, Reinhard. - Boston : Kluwer, 2004. - (in: Real-time systems : 28. 2004, 2/3, S. 157-177)
Issue Date: 2004
Date of publication: 04.08.2004

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