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Seth, Aaditeshwar ; Darragh, Patrick ; Liang, Suihong ; Lin, Yunfeng ; Keshav, Srinivasan

An Architecture for Tetherless Communication

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In the emerging paradigm of tetherless computing, client applications running on small, inexpensive, and smart mobile devices maintain opportunistic wireless connectivity with back-end services running on centralized computers, enabling novel classes of applications. These applications require a communications infrastrastructure that is mobility-aware, disconnection-resilient and provides support for an opportunistic style of communiction. It should even be able to function across network partitions that may arise when end-to-end communication is not possible. We outline, design, and evaluate the implementation of an architecture that provides this functionality. we shot that it is possible for next-generation mobile devices to obtain up to 80-fold improvement over conventional mechanisms by exploiting opportunistic WiFi links, and that this benefit can be delivered as an overlay that is compatible with the current Internet.

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Keywords: Delay tolerant networks, Opportunistic communication, Tetherless computing, Wireless, Mobile
Collection: 05142 - Disruption Tolerant Networking
Issue Date: 2005
Date of publication: 16.11.2005

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