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Anbalagan, Yogesh ; Huang, Hao ; Lovett, Shachar ; Norin, Sergey ; Vetta, Adrian ; Wu, Hehui

Large Supports are Required for Well-Supported Nash Equilibria

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We prove that for any constant k and any epsilon < 1, there exist bimatrix win-lose games for which every epsilon-WSNE requires supports of cardinality greater than k. To do this, we provide a graph-theoretic characterization of win-lose games that possess epsilon-WSNE with constant cardinality supports. We then apply a result in additive number theory of Haight to construct win-lose games that do not satisfy the requirements of the characterization. These constructions disprove graph theoretic conjectures of Daskalakis, Mehta and Papadimitriou and Myers.

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Keywords: bimatrix games, well-supported Nash equilibria
Collection: Approximation, Randomization, and Combinatorial Optimization. Algorithms and Techniques (APPROX/RANDOM 2015)
Issue Date: 2015
Date of publication: 13.08.2015

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