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Kobourov, Stephen G. ; Efrat, Alon ; Forrester, David ; Iyer, Anand

Force-Directed Approaches to Sensor Network Localization

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In many sensor network applications it is necessary to compute low-error localization of the sensor nodes. Although embedding a GPS unit on each node would solve the problem for many outdoor applications, the cost of this solution for large networks is prohibitively high.
We consider static and mobile network localization approaches that make use of the local neighborhood information, in the form of relative distances and angles to nearby nodes, gathered through simpler and less costly devices (RF, ultrasound based range sensors, or
antenna arrays). Our algorithms do not make any assumptions about the existence of anchor nodes capable of locating themselves, nor about the knowledge of an initial localization to start with. Instead, we rely on a multi-scale force-directed approach, utilizing range and angle data through dead reckoning. We show that our localization algorithms are robust and scale well with network size.

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Keywords: Sensor network localization, multi-scale force-directed approach, dead reckoning
Collection: 05361 - Algorithmic Aspects of Large and Complex Networks
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 08.05.2006

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