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Ehrhoff, Jan ; Grothklags, Sven ; Lorenz, Ulf

Disruption Management and Planning with Uncertainties in Aircraft Planning

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An important insufficiency of modern industrial plans still is their lack of robustness. Disruptions prevent companies from operating as planned before and induce high costs for trouble shooting. The main reason for the severe impact of disruptions stems from the fact that planners do traditionally consider deterministic input data to be available at planning time. In practice, there are often only distributions over the possible input data available. The Repair Game is a formalization of a planning task, which brings two branches of computer science --- game tree search and logistic planning optimization with OR tools --- together. Playing it performs disruption management and generates robust plans with the help of game tree search. Our method significantly outperformed the traditional one by means of simulations.

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Keywords: uncertainty, planning, game playing, aviation application
Collection: 05031 - Algorithms for Optimization with Incomplete Information
Issue Date: 2005
Date of publication: 30.05.2005

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