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Kindler, Ekkart ; Axenath, Björn ; Rubin, Vladimir

AMFIBIA: A Meta-Model for the Integration of Business Process Modelling Aspects

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Today, there are many different formalisms and notations for modelling
business processes. Though most of the formalisms have their justification,
the plethora of notations makes it hard to compare and to exchange
business process models among different tools.

AMFIBIA (A Meta-model For the Integration of BusIness process modelling
Aspects) sets out to capture the basic aspects of business process models
and to define their concepts independently from a particular formalism and
notation, and then map different formalisms to these basic concepts. This
way, business process models can be compared with each other, and it will
be even possible, to integrate and combine different formalisms in a
single workflow engine. Currently, we implement a prototype of a workflow
engine, which supports the concepts of AMFIBIA.

Since the development of AMFIBIA started quite late in the history of
workflow management, it might not have strong impact on existing
workflow management systems. The concepts of AMFIBIA, however, should
be applicable to SOA, were formalism independence is even more

The talk presents the ideas and concepts of AMFIBIA and intends
to trigger a discussion on the aspects of SOA and the aspects and
concepts that need to me captured in SOA.

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Keywords: Aspect oriented modelling, Formalism independence, BPM
Collection: 06291 - The Role of Business Processes in Service Oriented Architectures
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 24.11.2006

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