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Kuropka, Dominik ; Weske, Mathias

Towards a Services-Based Process Platform

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Service oriented software architectures that are aware of business processes will form the core of operational IT landscapes in the future.
This contribution starts with an introduction of the state of the art in service oriented architectures. A
concrete case study identifies central requirements that are not satisfied by these architectures so far. The
authors argue that semantically rich descriptions of services are essential to tap the full potential of service
oriented architectures in enterprise environments. This regards matchmaking and binding of services, integration
of new services as well as the cost-efficient development of added value services by composing semantically
described basic services. This paper introduces a semantic service platform that implements dynamic matchmaking,
composition and binding of semantically described services. Finally its functionality and possible application
scenarios are outlined.

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Keywords: Business process platform, Semantic Services, Service-oriented architectures
Collection: 06291 - The Role of Business Processes in Service Oriented Architectures
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 24.11.2006

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