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Obermeier, Sebastian ; Böse, Joos-Hendrik ; Böttcher, Stefan ; Chrysanthis, Panos Kypros ; Delis, Alex ; Gruenwald, Le ; Mondal, Anirban ; Ouksel, Aris ; Samaras, George ; Viglas, Stratis

06431 Working Group Summary: Atomicity in Mobile Networks

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We introduce different mobile network applications and show to which degree the concept of database transactions is required within the applications. We show properties of transaction processing and explain which properties are important for each of the mobile applications. Furthermore, we discuss open questions regarding transaction processing in mobile networks and identify open problems for further research.

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Keywords: Mobile ad noc networks, mobile databases, mobile transactions, atomicity
Collection: 06431 - Scalable Data Management in Evolving Networks
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 30.03.2007

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