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16. Improved Search for Night Train Connections



The search for attractive night train connections is fundamentally different from ordinary search: the primary objective of a costumer of a night train is to have a reasonably long sleeping period without interruptions due to train changes. For most passenger it is also undesired to reach the final destination too early in the morning. These objectives are in sharp contrast to standard information systems which focus on minimizing the total travel time. In this paper we present and compare two new approaches to support queries for night train connections. These approaches have been integrated into the Multi-Objective Traffic Information System (MOTIS) which is currently developed by our group. Its purpose is to find all train connections which are attractive from a costumer point of view. With a computational study we demonstrate that our specialized algorithms for night train connections are able to satisfy costumer queries much better than standard methods. This can be achieved with reasonable computational costs: a specialized night train search requires only a few seconds of CPU time.

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Keywords: Timetable information system, multi-criteria optimization, night trains, computational study
Seminar: 7th Workshop on Algorithmic Methods and Models for Optimization of Railways (ATMOS'07)
Issue date: 2007
Date of publication: 06.11.2007

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