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07401 Executive Summary -- Deduction and Decision Procedures



Formal logic provides a mathematical foundation for many areas of
computer science. Significant progress has been made in the
challenge of making computers perform non-trivial logical reasoning.
be it fully automatic, or in interaction with humans.

In the last years it has become more and more evident that
theory-specific reasoners, and in particular decision procedures, are
extremely important in many applications of such deduction tools.
General-purpose reasoning methods such as resolution or paramodulation
alone are not efficient enough to handle the needs of real-world
For this reason, the focus of this seminar was on decision procedures,
their integration into general-purpose theorem provers,
and the application of the integrated tools in computer science.

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Keywords: Formal Logic, Deduction, Artificial Intelligence
Seminar: 07401 - Deduction and Decision Procedures
Issue date: 2007
Date of publication: 29.11.2007

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