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Kaschek, Roland H.

On the evolution of conceptual modeling

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Since the 1980s the need increased for overcoming idiosyncrasies of approaches to modeling in the various sub-disciplines of computing. The theoretical model of evolution is used in this paper for analyzing how computing and conceptual modeling have changed. It is concluded that computing has changed into a social phenomenon with a technical core and that therefore relying on (formal) model semantics as the sole tool for the discussion of conceptual modeling is no more adequate. A number of language games of computing is identified and the task set to describe these language games to the extent necessary for deciding whether or not they can serve as the foundation of computing.

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Keywords: Conceptual modeling, evolution, material languages, interactive computation, software development
Seminar: 08181 - The Evolution of Conceptual Modeling
Issue Date: 2008
Date of publication: 16.10.2008

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