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Niehren, Joachim ; Planque, Laurent ; Talbot, Jean-Marc ; Tison, Sophie

N-ary Queries by Tree Automata

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Information extraction from semi-structured documents requires to find n-ary queries in trees that define appropriate sets of n-tuples of nodes. We propose new representation formalisms for n-ary queries by tree automata that we prove to capture MSO. We then investigate n-ary queries by unambiguous tree automata which are relevant for query induction in multi-slot information extraction. We show that this representation formalism captures the class of n-ary queries that are finite unions of Cartesian closed queries, a property we prove decidable.

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Keywords: Information extraction, semistructured documents, node selecting queries in trees
Seminar: 05061 - Foundations of Semistructured Data
Issue Date: 2005
Date of publication: 10.08.2005

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