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Barnum, Howard

Semidefinite programming characterization and spectral adversary method for quantum complexity with noncommuting unitary queries

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Generalizing earlier work characterizing the quantum query complexity of computing a function of an unknown classical ``black box'' function drawn from some set of such black box functions, we investigate a more general quantum query model in which the goal is to compute functions of $N imes N$ ``black box'' unitary matrices drawn from a set of such matrices, a problem with applications to determining properties of quantum physical systems. We characterize the existence of an algorithm for such a query problem, with given query and error, as equivalent to the feasibility of a certain set of semidefinite programming constraints, or equivalently the infeasibility of a dual of these constraints, which we construct. Relaxing the primal constraints to correspond to mere pairwise near-orthogonality of the final states of a quantum computer, conditional on the various black-box inputs, rather than bounded-error distinguishability, we obtain a relaxed primal program the feasibility of whose dual still implies the nonexistence of a quantum algorithm. We use this to obtain a generalization, to our not-necessarily-commutative setting, of the ``spectral adversary method'' for quantum query lower bounds.

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Keywords: Quantum query complexity semidefinite programming
Seminar: 06391 - Algorithms and Complexity for Continuous Problems
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 31.01.2007

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