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Discovering Knowledge from Local Patterns with Global Constraints



It is well known that local patterns are at the core of a lot of knowledge which may be discovered from data. Nevertheless, use of local patterns is limited by their huge number and computational costs. Several approaches (e.g., condensed representations, pattern set discovery) aim at grouping or synthesizing local patterns to provide a global view of the data. A global pattern is a pattern which is a set or a synthesis of local patterns coming from the data. In this paper, we propose the idea of global constraints to write queries addressing global patterns. A key point is the ability to bias the designing of global patterns according to the expectation of the user. For instance, a global pattern can be oriented towards the search of exceptions or a clustering. It requires to write queries taking into account such biases. Open issues are to design a generic framework to express powerful global constraints and solvers to mine them. We think that global constraints are a promising way to discover relevant global patterns.

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Keywords: Local patterns, constraint-based paradigm, global constraints
Seminar: 07181 - Parallel Universes and Local Patterns
Issue date: 2007
Date of publication: 2007

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