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Improved Algorithms for Computing Fisher's Market Clearing Prices



We give the first strongly polynomial time algorithm for computing an equilibrium for the linear utilities case of Fisher's market model. We consider a problem with a set $B$ of buyers and a set $G$ of divisible goods. Each buyer $i$ starts with an initial integral allocation $e_i$ of money. The integral utility for buyer $i$ of good $j$ is $U_{ij}$. We first develop a weakly polynomial time algorithm that runs in $O(n^4 log U_{max} + n^3 e_{max})$ time, where $n = |B| + |G|$. We further modify the algorithm so that it runs in $O(n^4 log n)$ time. These algorithms improve upon the previous best running time of $O(n^8 log U_{max} + n^7 log e_{max})$, due to Devanur et al.

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Keywords: Market equilibrium, Fisher, strongly polynomial
Seminar: 10171 - Equilibrium Computation
Issue date: 2010
Date of publication: 2010

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