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Alman, Josh ; Vassilevska Williams, Virginia

OV Graphs Are (Probably) Hard Instances

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A graph G on n nodes is an Orthogonal Vectors (OV) graph of dimension d if there are vectors v_1, …, v_n ∈ {0,1}^d such that nodes i and j are adjacent in G if and only if ⟨v_i,v_j⟩ = 0 over Z. In this paper, we study a number of basic graph algorithm problems, except where one is given as input the vectors defining an OV graph instead of a general graph. We show that for each of the following problems, an algorithm solving it faster on such OV graphs G of dimension only d=O(log n) than in the general case would refute a plausible conjecture about the time required to solve sparse MAX-k-SAT instances:
- Determining whether G contains a triangle.
- More generally, determining whether G contains a directed k-cycle for any k ≥ 3.
- Computing the square of the adjacency matrix of G over ℤ or 𝔽_2.
- Maintaining the shortest distance between two fixed nodes of G, or whether G has a perfect matching, when G is a dynamically updating OV graph.
We also prove some complementary results about OV graphs. We show that any problem which is NP-hard on constant-degree graphs is also NP-hard on OV graphs of dimension O(log n), and we give two problems which can be solved faster on OV graphs than in general: Maximum Clique, and Online Matrix-Vector Multiplication.

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Keywords: Orthogonal Vectors, Fine-Grained Reductions, Cycle Finding
Collection: 11th Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science Conference (ITCS 2020)
Issue Date: 2020
Date of publication: 06.01.2020

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